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Our inventory of private jets charters include:

Piston/Seaplanes -good for short distances – can land on short runways, 300 mile range, seat 3-9 passengers.

Turboprop/Seaplanes – larger and more powerful than pistons, 1000 mile range.

Light Jet – good for 2-3 hour flights for up to 8 passengers.

Super Light Jet – good for 3-4 hour flights up to 9 passengers.

Midsize Jets – good mix of comfort, performance and value for flights of 3-4 horus. With typical seating for up to 8 people, midsize jets fly faster and afford greater comfort with cabin ceilings greater than 5.5 feet, plus generous amenities on board including a full refreshment area, sometimes including a warming oven or microwave.

Super Mids – Have many of the traits common to larger “heavy jets” with pricing closer to that of the midsize range. They seat 8-9 people in greater comfort so they feel roomier when filled to capacity. Cabin ceilings are typically at or just under 6feet. Can go coast to coast.

Heavy Jets – Offer an extremely comfortable private jet experience. They typically seat 10-14 passengers (sometimes more). They fly faster and higher providing a high level of cabin comfort and amenities for longer-range flights, including over water. Large chairs, wide aisles, stand-up cabin, larger baggage compartments. A flight attendant comes standard.

Ultra-Long Range: Designed for non-stop inter-continental travel. Typically seating 14 or more people, these aircrafts sport flexible cabins configured with separate compartments for working, dining or relaxing, along with top-of-the-line amenities. A flight attendant comes standard.

Business Airliner: Used for over 19 passengers. Commercial airlines can carry up to several hundred people. These aircraft feature typical commercial aircraft seating and will have economics well suited for very large groups. A range of aircraft from turbo-prop to jet is available.



Helicopters are great for shorter distance and sightseeing tours. Extremely weight sensitive.  Cannot fly through bad weather or high altitudes. Good for 2-6 pax.

Commonly used helicopters for charter:

Bell 206B JetRanger (4 passengers/1 pilot)
Bell 222 (6 passengers/2 pilots)
Robinson R22 (2 passengers/1 pilot)
Augusta Westland 109 (7 passengers/2 pilots)
Augusta Westland AW139 (10 passengers/2 pilots) Eurocopter 120 ( 4 passengers/1 pilot)
Eurocopter AS350 (6 passengers/1 pilot)