Join us for the ultimate experience aboard our luxury entertainment yacht and do it all!

Your full day ocean adventure includes our best activities.

*** Ocean Skeet Shooting ***

*** Luxury Big Game Sport Fishing ***

*** Swimming and Snorkeling ***


Great for Families – Friends
Celebrations – Corporate Outings

We offer a Military Discount!
As a thank you for your service we extend a 10% Discount off the Base Charter Price for Military Members


Ocean Skeet + Deep Sea Fishing
$ 6,200
Base Charter Price for up to 6 guests
Add up to 6 additional guests @ $200 pp
Crew, Fuel, Tax, Gratuity, Additional Guests & Add-Ons Are Extra

Looking for fun things to do in Miami?  This is the Premiere Miami Adventure.  A full day on a 75′ Private Luxury Entertainment Yacht.

Includes everything you need for sport fishing including top of the line tournament gear.   Experience our signature “Yachts N Guns” – ocean skeet shooting that combines the thrill of the open ocean with the excitement of skeet shooting. Great for beginners and experts alike.  

Relax in comfort and style on our large sundeck or in the beautiful cabin. Premiere concert sound system and luxury amenities.

Attentive and experienced staff will provide you with expert guidance and ensure your safety at all times, so you can focus on having the time of your life.

Various onboard food and beverage options, as well as Private chef services are available.

Don’t settle for less – we are the best!  Luxury Entertainment Aficionados


• 75′ Yacht
• Up to 6 Guests
• Rods & Reels
• Guns, Ammo, Targets
• Fiji Water
• Ice

Crew, Fuel, Tax, Gratuity, Additional Guests & Add-Ons Are Extra

Our flyers are all biodegradable and are made exclusively for Salt Luxury Miami. Our shotgun shells are all custom made for sporting clays to hold steel shot and biodegradable wads.

All shells are ejected into a bucket and managed by our SAFETY OFFICER on deck. Our empty shells are collected and donated to a local artist who recycles and uses them to create beautiful pieces of Unique Art. 


Our Team have been trained in Ocean Firearm Safety, Maritime Law, Ocean Conservation, Emergency Response and Yachting Hospitality. TEAM MEMBERS training for a minimum of 1 year on Ocean firearm safety and gun handling. 

All participants must be 18 years or older.  Under 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult.

We don’t allow anyone handle guns if they are under the influence. We breathalyze all individuals that have been drinking and who want to participate.  The rule is if you blow .08 & over – you will sit it out and not be shooting. 



Be a part of a special club like no other. For those who want to indulge in the frequency of private yachting adventure experiences, we offer a club package at a discounted rate.

Great for avid sportsmen/ sportswomen, entertaining out of town guests, corporate team building and special events.



Concert Sound System
Custom Lounge on Deck
Largest Sundeck on the bow to have a dance party

Ocean Skeet Shooting – Robotic Machine for Beginners & Experts
3 Ice Makers on board
Self-service coolers on Deck
Full Kitchen
4 Bedrooms
4 Baths / 4 Showers
Dishwasher, Washer and Dryer
Bottled Water – Ice Included
Floating Lily Water pad Included
Snorkel Gear
VIP Salt Golf Cart Assist at Marina

Sleeps 8 – Crew 3

Tournament Big Game Fishing Gear includes:

Bluewater Fighting chair
Bluewater Rocket launcher
3k Watt Sounder Chirp Fish finder
(2) Triple spreader Rupp outriggers
(2) Cockpit live wells
(1) Tuna tubes
(1) Cockpit freezer
(2) Cockpit ice makers
(1) Cockpit frozen bait cold tray
(2) Large fish boxes
(4) Electric reels
(2) Teaser reels
(4) AFCO gaffs
(4) AFCO harnesses
(1) Harpoon/Speargun

Equipped with all professional rods, reels, tackle
and safety equipment.

SALT VIP “Luxury LIFESTYLE EXPERIENCES & Entertainment Aficionados”

Experience the best things to do in Miami. Five star VIP Concierge Service
Private charter yachts and guns ocean skeet shooting.
Top thing to do in Miami
Florida vacation adventure
Shooting enthusiasts
Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties
Corporate team building

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